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LTC & Remain At Home Senior Care

LTC & Remain At Home Senior Care

Your Long-Term Care Insurance Authority

Remain At Home Senior Care is committed to helping seniors stay safely and comfortably in their own homes. We provide medical and companion care services. We also provide help to families in understanding and maximizing their long-term care (LTC) insurance plans in order to keep their loved ones at home.

Most LTC policies are unique to the individual and the company providing the coverage. RAH’s management team has considerable experience in LTC polices and is available to answer most of your questions about specific coverage, time horizons for care, and out-of-pocket costs (if applicable).

RAH’s assistance is not limited to the home care benefit. We will assist and advocate in all areas of LTC insurance. We can even seek out the answers to questions from the provider if necessary. This service is free and a consultation with our staff is open for all clients and their family members who may require one-on-one assistance.

Once clients elect long-term care home care benefits, many providers require upfront and continuous paperwork documenting the specific plan of care. Paperwork can be due in entirety on a monthly basis or sometimes a day-by-day account is requested. If desired, RAH staff will take care of all the paperwork in regards to your home care benefit – hourly caregiving notes submission, requisite narratives on a client’s condition, and timely reimbursement requests. All RAH clients receive their monthly checks at their homes.

Our first section is a general description of long-term care insurance, its costs and benefits. Please feel free to call us for specific questions about individual policies.

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