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Family Caregivers


Remain at Home’s unique Family Caregiver Program allows a worker’s family to be paid for the care they already provide:


Family Caregiver Program

Who is considered family?

Family can include a spouse, extended family members, or friends. Anyone providing home care to the worker is eligible for compensation.

How are family caregivers compensated?

All caregivers are paid an hourly wage for the care they provide.

How many hours will I work?

The worker’s physician will determine the amount of care required given their health status. Approved hours can range from a few hours to 24/7 care.

Do I need training or a license?

Remain at Home offers free and simple training in your home for each family member providing care.

What if I prefer someone else provide the care?

Remain at Home specializes in providing highly trained and compassionate home care burses and health aides.

What is a Nurse Case Manager?

Every family will have a dedicated Nurse Care Manager to help coordinate care, provide a care plan, and answer any questions the family may have.

Program Benefits

  • Free and simple health aide training
  • Hourly wages for care provided
  • Registered Nurse oversight and assistance