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Home Modifications

Home Modifications can give back your independence

Remain At Home Senior Care’s core mission is to help our aging senior population maintain independence in the comfort of their own homes. Oftentimes this requires family assistance or the help of home caregivers, but on many occasions, a home modification or renovation is all that is required to help seniors stay safely and comfortably at home.

A New RAH Enhancement For The Communities We Serve

While providing home care for seniors in our area, we have noticed that many of the tasks that frustrate our clients could be alleviated by a simple home modification. Please see the list below for some of the most common home modifications that can directly affect a senior’s ability to maintain independence in their home:

  • Grab Bars and Rails – in bathrooms and hallways assist persons in preventing falls and improving mobility
  • Transfer Benches – also called showering benches or transfer chairs, these enable individuals to get in and out of showers, tubs and wheelchairs with little or no assistance
  • Traction or Non-Skid Strips – installed most commonly in bathrooms but also anywhere a floor is hazardous or slippery including kitchens and staircases
  • Traction or Non-Skid Strips – installed most commonly in bathrooms but also anywhere a floor is hazardous or slippery including kitchens and staircases
  • Widening Doorways and Hallways – to accommodate for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Smoothing Floor Surfaces – removal of molding, carpeting and anything on the floor which limits the mobility of a wheelchair
  • Wheelchair Ramps and “Stair-Glides” – for persons unable to manage stairways
  • Push Button Door Openers – to automate the opening and closing of doors
  • Lighting – modifications within the home and around the property for increased visibility and security
  • Climate Controls – installing larger digital displays and / or remote controls
  • Pull Out Shelves – also referred to as roll-out, glide-out or slide-out shelves, these enable easy access to deeper spaces for clothing, food and other storage
  • Accessory Apartments – both for the elderly and live-in caregivers
  • Weatherization – such as storm windows, screening and air conditioning
  • Security Systems – remote monitoring and personal emergency response systems

A Clear Solution

Remain At Home Senior Care has been fortunate to establish a partnership with a well-known, local contractor. Marty Whitehead of MLW All Phase Construction, located in Bogart, Georgia, now works hand-in-hand with RAH in assisting our valued clients (and the community at-large) in modifications that truly enable seniors to achieve the independence they deserve.

MLW All Phase Construction is an official RAH-Approved Senior Forward Vendor. The company has met our stringent requirements and senior-specific criteria, including price, quality, aptitude and honorable business practices. Their services also ensure a quick turnaround-time, one of the many criteria for being a RAH-Approved Senior Forward Vendor.

If you’re interested in having modifications done to your home or the home of an aging loved one, please visit our contact page and select “Home Modifications” when specifying the nature of your inquiry. You can expect someone from RAH/MLW to contact you within 24 hours, if not sooner. Estimates are free, and regardless of how big or small the project (no minimum job cost requirements), Marty and his team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen will do the job correctly and to your ultimate satisfaction – guaranteed.