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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do you charge for your services?

Rates are based on how much assistance a client needs, which is often referred to as a “client’s acuity level,” which is determined by a thorough in home RN or MD assessment that we conduct free of charge for all of our clients. Even with our standard offering of both companion and medical care (all caregivers are licensed professionals), our pricing is aggressive and competitive. Additionally, to maintain ultimate competiveness, RAH offers “pre-packaged discounts” (predicated on contiguous 12 hour shifts and full 24 hour shifts).

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How is RAH able to maintain competitive pricing if, in addition to companion care, you also offer “skilled” (medical) care?

We are not a franchise, so the significant amount of monies that would otherwise go to a corporation as “franchise fees,” are reinvested into our people, whom we regard as our biggest and core asset. To ensure the very best care, continuity of care, and to maintain a very low turnover rate, RAH is truly an employee-forward company with some of the highest pay in the category. Our product is our people and we take very good care of them.

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How does the initial assessment work?

An RN will conduct a thorough in-home assessment to observe the senior in their living environment, taking into consideration acuity level, home surroundings and expectations. There is no charge; no obligation. Since this is a very big decision, we also invite any/all family members to visit our home office in Athens to meet the RAH team and observe our operation.

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What really is the difference between RAH and the other home care agencies out there?

There are many points of difference. In a nutshell, RAH prides itself on “self-imposing” many unique rules and regulations that are non-existent within the context of the companion care category: We provide physician and RN oversight; all RAH caregivers are licensed medical professionals who can administer any/all medications; we never engage in “bait and switch” or add-on pricing; all of our clients have utilization of what we feel to be an essential part of the RAH experience – medical social worker, chaplain, dietitian, volunteers. Whatever our client’s require, even if it is above and beyond hands-on caregiving, it is provided – all of which are optional and based on need/preference. All services are covered under the baseline hourly charge.

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What are the benefits over a professional firm like RAH versus privately hired caregivers?

A private caregiver or an independent contractor with a home care registry may be highly compassionate, lower in cost, and an overall good fit with the client, but remember you will be liable for the payroll taxes and possible work related injuries of the caregiver. We have above-and-beyond coverage in all facets of caregiving and employee management. If interested in specific liability coverage and amounts, you are invited to view our formal “Liability Certificate of Insurance” during the initial assessment or during a visit to our home office. Additionally, all employees are insured to transport our clients in their own or the client’s car.

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What are your accepted payor sources?

We accept and do all of the “heavy lifting” (paperwork filings, submission of care plan notes and forms) for Long-Term Care Insurance (any vendor that offers a “home care allotment,” which is the case with most policies). Unfortunately, by law, due to a companion care designation, we cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid. We also accept EEOICPA benefits.

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Do you offer any special VA benefits?

Yes. RAH is proud to partner with Advanced Retirement Planning, LLC – a firm which is fully accredited by the Veterans Administration of NEGA. RAH and ARP work in-tandem to assist veterans and their families to qualify for many entitlement programs, especially in the context of securing home care benefits.

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Will we have to sign a long-term contract?

The only document that will require a signature is an approval form to provide care. There are no long-term obligations and service can be cancelled at any time (we do ask for 24 hours’ notice as a courtesy to our caregivers).

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Is there an hourly requirement?

Our corporate policy is a minimum of 4 hours per caregiving episode.

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Are your caregivers independent contractors?

All of our employees are on-staff – no exceptions. We do not utilize independent contractors.

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What are your hiring standards (background checks, etc.)?

Prior to hiring our caregivers, in-depth background checks (local and national), DMV and a 9-panel drug test (we also drug test randomly post-hire) are conducted. Also, since all of our caregivers are professional, licensed medical caregivers, we also conduct licensure and “medical industry” reference checks. Once a caregiver is hired, s/he is required to earn continuing medical education credits (in the form of in-services). Additionally, a current CPR certificate is required and we offer Hepatitis C vaccinations free of charge and mandatory blood-borne pathogen educational training (as mandated by OSHA) for all of our employees.

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How does companion care differ from home health or hospice?

Home health companies offer “curative care,” whereas hospice companies offer “palliative” or end-of-life care. Both are highly specialized but are “intermittent” in regards to time spent in the home (few-several hours per week). RAH is available to provide medical and non-medical companion care from 4 hours per day to 24/7/365 (including all holidays). We’re always open. We are also happy to work with area home health and hospice vendors to provide the most comprehensive care available for our clients.

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What does a typical care plan consist of?

Medical care intervention, if necessary, includes but is not limited to: monitoring of vital signs, continuous glucose monitoring, administering all types of medications (including IV therapy and narcotics), wound care, ostomy care, catheter care and much more. RAH’s Companion Care services, or assistance with Activities of Daily Life (ADL’s), exceed expectations: laundry, cooking/meal prep, transportation, light housekeeping, pet care, shopping, bathing, changing and genuine friendship, to name just a handful. All of our care plans are customized to fit an individual’s needs – no “cookie cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” caregiving. Based on a balance between acuity and interests/hobbies, our clients/families let us know what kind of caregiving experience they wish to have and we strive to comply, within the context of accepted guidelines set forth by our medical and companion care licenses.

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Do you offer transportation for your clients?

Yes, our caregivers are insured to drive/transport clients in their cars and/or the client’s car. RAH conducts DMV checks on all of our employees as a condition of employment.

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Is RAH insured?

We have above-and-beyond coverage in all facets of caregiving and employee management. If interested in specific liability coverage and amounts, you are invited to view our formal “Liability Certificate of Insurance” during the initial assessment or during a visit to our home office.

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Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for quality, medically-licensed caregivers – CNAs, MAs, LPNs and RNs. Please visit our careers to apply!

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Where are your offices/contact information?

Central Phone Number: (800) 718-5658

Central Fax Number: (706) 410-2217

Email: [email protected]

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