Our Goal
Remain At Home Senior Care understands that balancing an active and independent lifestyle with the realities of health issues can be a roadblock to achieving the best quality of life. RAH’s primary goal is to help seniors maintain that independence and, better still, actively provide our clients the resources to achieve their life goals in the safety and comfort of their homes.

The Difference
Remain At Home Senior Care provides the very best in personalized medical and non-medical care, which is delivered by a highly specialized, interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, licensed medical social workers, chaplains and volunteers. This unique form of holistic care allows each and every one of RAH’s clients to elect services that are appropriate and specific to their needs. All of RAH’s caregivers are licensed professionals.

We Live Here, Too
Remain At Home Senior Care is a homegrown company in the truest sense – we were founded and will operate here in Athens, Georgia. We are not a franchise and have made a pledge that we will never compromise our integrity or our customized care. Local physicians are excited about the opportunity to help keep their patients at home, and to give family members, many who don’t live locally, the peace of mind that their loved ones are getting the care they need.

Why Wait?
For years, RAH’s Founder & CEO, Brian Carrigan, was a part of a committed team of hospice workers. Their goal was to help people fulfill their dreams at a critical point as they faced the end of life. The genesis for RAH was the sudden thought, “Why wait?” It is one of Remain At Home Senior Care’s core beliefs that everyone deserves the chance to fulfill their dreams and live independently as long as they want to at home. The RAH team is passionate about helping clients and their families maximize quality of life and achieve daily and life-long goals.

3-Tiered Coverage

1) In-Home Care: Ranging from a few hours a day or week to 24/7/365, our in-home care is the very essence of RAH and empowers both families and loved ones to keep the promise of independence by offering comprehensive attention in all core areas of senior-care: medical, social, psycho social, spiritual and financial, including bill-paying, checkbook balancing, and house-hold budgeting. Utilization of services is based on both need and the explicit wishes of clients and their families.

2) Drop-in Care: This level of care is for clients who don’t require intensive supervisory care. A specialized clinical member of the RAH team will conduct an in-home visit for 45-minutes to 1-hour and assess both the client’s overall condition and the current home environment. An explicit checklist in regards to the client’s safety and general medical condition will be filled out and immediately uploaded to a HIPPA-secured section of RAH’s website, so family members and physicians can log on and get a real-time update on their loved one or patient.

3) Hospital Discharge Coordination: Being discharged from a hospital setting after a short or extended illness can be both exciting and scary at the same time. A licensed member of the RAH team will be with you from start to finish to make sure you or your loved one’s transition from hospital to home goes as smoothly as possible. RAH staff will assist in everything from organizing belongings at the hospital, helping clients understand discharge instructions, and assisting clients in following their physician’s orders once they are at home. A RAH staff member can stay at a client’s home for a minimum of 4 hours to allow the patient time to re-adjust comfortably. Light housework will be performed, as well as picking up medications if so desired.

You’re Always Connected
Remain At Home Senior Care helps keep clients, families and physicians connected through a secure Family/Physician Portal. Our specialized software provides an immediately accessible way to communicate between the client, their family, and our staff. A designated member of our staff will update the daily activities of our clients so families can keep in touch no matter how far away. Families, in turn, can provide comments or questions. This added level of communication helps us develop a detailed care plan to ensure each client receives the highest quality of care possible.

Your Privacy Is Important to Us
Within the strictest confines of H.I.P.P.A. (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliance, family members and/or physicians can log in to the family portal by simply hitting one of the two apprpriate buttons on our website. In order to do so, a unique user name and pass code must be obtained by a member of RAH’s management team. Access to the portals must be approved by the client or, if not medically feasible, by the client’s Durable Power of Attorney. Legal “P.O.A” documentation will be required to access the Family-Physician Portal, unless otherwise directed by the client.

With All of These Premium Services, Is RAH Really Expensive?
Except for Remain At Home’s requisite medical intervention, all services are optional. Tehre are no extra or hidden charges above and beyond what is estimated in the original proposal, which is customized based on a free in-home assessment. Our fees range from $16-$25 per hour and are based on the client’s level of acuity and the needs and goals of the client.

The Process
A licensed RN, BSN will visit a client’s home for a free in-home consultation and evaluation. Remain At Home Senior Care requires a member of our staff to observe a client in his or her home to successfully establish a customized care plan. Care plans will always be a “work in progress,” changing to reflect the goals of clients, loved ones, attending physicians, and the expert observations of RAH’s skilled staff.

Remain At Home Senior Care realizes care for seniors is a serious and important decision for families to make and invites families to meet with us in person. We take great pleasure and pride in receiving potential and current clients and family members anytime at our Athens, Georgia, home office, located in the Medical Complex at 3320 Old Jefferson Road, Unit 300.