• Nursing Home? Need not apply.Remain At Home Senior Care does everything from elder sitting (day care for the elderly) to clinical care at home with medical oversight

Testimonials from community physicians, families and the seniors who have greatly benefitted from our home care services:

“I want to thank you for getting nursing help immediately the night (she) passed away…as tragic it was, Remain At Home was there to give me support, as well as to take care of her…she talked with me clearly, expressing her love before passing. Adriane was fantastic; please express my greatest appreciation to her and Remain At Home.”

L. Harper, Ph.D., P.E.
Client Family Member

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RAH Offers Home Health For EEOICP Beneficiaries

Nuclear Energy Worker?

RAH offers no-cost, home health care for nuclear workers suffering from work-related illnesses. Learn more!

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You, your family or perhaps someone you know, may be eligible for no-cost, home health care benefits under the U.S. Department of Labor’s EEOICPA and RECA entitlement programs.

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The Difference

For a more detailed look at our in home care services compare with others in the industry, view this printable service comparison chart.

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Range of Services

Whether or not you need 24/7 care or simply someone to drop in and check on a loved one while you’re away on a special trip, Remain at Home has a service offering for you.


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