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Founder, Brian Carrigan


Founder, Brian Carrigan

Brian Carrigan is the Founder & President of Remain At Home Senior Care. His work and life experiences are as diverse as the senior population located in Northeast Georgia that he proudly serves.

Remain at Home Senior Care Founder, Brian Carrigan
Founder, Brian Carrigan

After receiving his BA in sociology and completing graduate-level studies, Mr. Carrigan began his career in the very competitive magazine publishing industry in New York City, where he lived and worked for approximately a decade. While in graduate school, Brian met his lovely and talented wife, Lara, and now has two beautiful kids, Oliver and Eve Carrigan. He continually (and emphatically) makes the claim that his children “are magic.”

Mr. Carrigan moved to Athens, Georgia, post 9/11, where he learned (among many, many other things) how to cut a lawn for the first time. Having lived most of his life in the city (Carrigan grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attended college in Boston, Massachusetts, and lived and worked in Manhattan), acquiring said yard skills has been eye-opening, to say the least.

It is in Athens, Georgia, where Carrigan first realized his passion for working with seniors. He worked as a Community Education Representative with ODYSSEY Hospice, and after his own personal struggle with cancer, did a brief (and wonderful) stint with CareSouth Homecare Professionals, where he served as a Regional Director for the Athens and surrounding areas. He returned to work at ODYSSEY Hospice as an Area Director for three home care brands, ODYSSEY, Vista-Care, and Gentiva/HealthField, managing operations in Atlanta, Athens, and Northeast Georgia. (Shortly after Mr. Carrigan’s return, ODYSSEY was purchased by The Gentiva Corporation, the largest hospice/home health consortium in the United States.

Launching Remain At Home Senior Care is a life’s dream and Carrigan takes tremendous pride in the company and their success at keeping the promise of independence for seniors.