In addition to providing “activities of daily life” care for the elderly (“ADL” assistance), Remain At Home Senior Care is also qualified at keeping chronically ill and debilitated patients, including those with terminal illnesses, in the place they call home. We understand patients with serious health issues are likely to face multiple hospitalizations and our licensed caregivers provide both discharge services and at-home care designed to keep patients safe and healthy in their homes, from the most basic level of care to those who have a very high level of acuity.

In regards to common debilitating illnesses, some of the more common are: Dementia, Common obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Stroke (CVA) — some of which can result in long recovery periods due to multiple surgeries and hospitalizations. RAH’s caregivers and medical director are specially trained in these and other disease-specific care and can provide clients and their families with the support and education required to help patients recover and live comfortably with their ailment(s).

RAH’s medically licensed caregivers (a mandate for employment for anyone who is providing direct client care) are trained and equipped to provide well-rounded, holistic care for a wide-array of chronic maladies. As previously mentioned, a brief description of the most common are listed below.