2013 EEOICPA Ombudsman Report

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The Office of the Ombudsman for the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program was created by congress in 2004 to address complaints and problems from EEOICPA claimants. The Office works diligently to ensure all involved in the compensation program are represented and heard.

As a part of their mission, the EEOICPA Ombudsman supplies an annual report highlighting the current status of the program, aggregating complaints and laying out the ground work for continuous improvement in the administration of EEOICPA.

The official 2013 Annual Report contains a plethora of useful information and is well worth the read. Below are some of the highlights:

EEOICPA Payouts As Of 2013

EEOICPA Ombudsman Part b and part e summary

Interesting to note the number of claims paid from 2012 to 2013 was about the same as the average from the 2 previous years.

Complaints By Nature

The most interesting information contained in the report surrounds the aggregation of claimant complaints. The ombudsman does a great job recording and categorizing complaints throughout the year. Areas that saw the most complaints…

2013 EEOICPA Ombudsman Complaint Breakdown

The highest number of complaints by far stems from “General Requests For Assistance.” In numerous areas throughout the report the ombudsman highlights its continued focus on outreach and education.

The report reiterates the office’s plan to get more involved in the communities surrounding these DOE facilities.

Issues in Communication

The report details numerous problems claimants are encountering while seeking benefits through EEOICPA. A common characteristic of these complaints is a general lack of communication and understanding between claimants and claims examiners (those who administer the program).

While the Ombudsman leaves many questions unanswered and gives little in terms of solutions, the report gives an excellent overview of the current status of the program and its strengths and weaknesses.