Caregiver of the Month – Andy Bryant

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July 2012

Andy Bryant made his way to Athens, GA, from Los Angeles, CA, with his mother, brother, and sister after his father passed away when he was just four years old. Once he arrived in the Athens area, he attended and later graduated from the Westminster Christian Academy in Watkinsville. 
Between his junior and senior years at Westminster, he completed his basic training in preparation for a career in the U.S. Army. In the Army, he was assigned one of the most dangerous jobs available: a driver in the convoys that deliver troops and supplies throughout some of the most perilous deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, before deploying he was involved in a serious car accident which left him with injuries that prohibited him from being able to continue his mission with the Army. 
After coming to terms with the disappointment of not being able to serve his country in the capacity he had hoped, Andy found a new way to continue to serve the people around him in his community: He became a Certified Nursing Assistant and began to perform caregiving duties for those in need. He has always felt a compulsion to do work that others shy away from and he found the connections he made with his clients extremely rewarding. In fact, Andy has stated that one of the most rewarding things he has experienced as a caregiver is being told he was like “one of the family.”
Andy was awarded the July 2012 RAH Caregiver of the Month because of his stellar work ethic, his uplifting positive attitude, and his ability to get along with clients from all backgrounds and all situations. 
Andy especially enjoys working at Remain At Home because he enjoys working with a company that values and respects its relationship with its caregivers the same way he values and respects his relationships with clients, a sharp contrast with his previous experience in the industry.
Andy’s ultimate goal is to continue his education and become a Registered Nurse. Consistent with his desire to do jobs and go places where few others are willing, Andy would like to assist in the care of infants in the war-torn country of Liberia in sub-Saharan Africa.


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